Crown moldings are another (relatively!) easy way to add a decorator touch to your home at a reasonable cost. Depending on your geographical location, upgrading a molding package helps the resale value of a home. This first example is of a high end "Dropped Crown" molding. Look at the picture and remember you first impression. This molding drops an impressive 7" down from the ceiling, and is used in homes in the upper price ranges.
Wait till you see how unbelievably simple this is to install!  You start with any variety of crown molding sizes in the 4-5-6 inch range and install as normal. The one pictured is 4 ˝". 

Now the secret!   Measure down 4 inches from the bottom of the crown and put a series of tick marks on the drywall. Cut standard base cap molding with the miter cuts necessary and install it upside down 4 inches down from the bottom of the crown molding. Next, simply caulk and paint the whole 7 inches with gloss trim paint, and it looks like one piece of molding.

Now…remember what your first impression was!   That’s what others are going to think..


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