Simple touches can make a difference in the efficiency of your kitchen.  Overhang your kitchen countertop a few extra inches to gain more counter space while providing a nook for a large kitchen trash can.



Then there is The ultimate in trash control 


There are two ways to have the Ultimate in trash control.

1. Build it yourself. (This project follows this article about purchasing a trash can holder)

2. Purchase cabinets (or products) made specifically for holding trash cans.

If you purchase cabinets with built in trash can holders in a base cabinet, then this approach is best incorporated during a makeover of the kitchen. 

A neat feature no one else will have that will make your trash control the ultimate is to cut an access hole in the countertop to drop trash directly into the can.  Right about now you are saying what kind of a crazy idea is that.  Well we're not done yet!      

Even Recycling!

Purchase a maple cutting board approx. 16"x16" size. Mount wood stops on the back (the size of the opening) to hold the cutting board in place covering the opening.  During your daily routine use the cutting board for itís intended purpose, held in place by the stops. Lift it and dispose of the "cuttings" directly into the trash container below!   Add a slide out tray to the base cabinet to make it even easier to empty the trash container as pictured above. Click Here for the above pictured products you can purchase at Lowe's Home Center. 

If you need to have easy access to the trash you leave the cutting board off.  When you have guests, the board is in itís place looking good. This idea requires work on the countertop which is best done during a kitchen makeover.


   Click here for step by step building of your own slide-out kitchen trash can  



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