Beautiful and Functional

This decorative 4' high lighthouse both adds beauty to your landscaping and lights your way.

Our project is a replica of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse off the North Carolina Coast.  The Cape Hatteras structure has a smooth masonry finish, so we chose sheet metal for it's skin.  

We will also show you how to build this same structure out of wood panels in case your not into sheet metal.

Note: The sheet metal for this project was purchased through a metal distributor since the hardware stores and home centers carry sheets that are too small for use here.

You can use sheet aluminum or steel. Be sure it is thick enough to be structural, yet thin enough to bend in a curve.


There are many beautiful lighthouses in the up on which one you will use for your project....It will determine your paint scheme.


Step 1. Mark and cut your sheet metal per drawing at right. (2 sheets)

Step 2. Make top and bottom round donuts to fasten and give round shape to sheet metal sides.  Follow drawing below.



Step 3. Make base out of 2" x 10" pressure treated wood. Outside measurements are 16" x 16".

Top cover is 3/4" exterior plywood. Outside measurements are 20" x 20".

Nail/Screw together base and base top.




Step 4.   Make 10" round donut from 3/4" exterior plywood  similar to top and bottom round wood pieces. Drill 3/4 " hole through center.  Set aside for future use.


Step 5.  Assemble sheet metal sides....  Carefully pre-bend two halves of sheet metal into a curve. Trim excess to form curve at points A - B - C  as shown on "Sheet Metal Side View" drawing above. Pre-drill holes and fasten sheet metal to top and bottom wood donuts with small nails or screws.  (These fasteners will show, so choose accordingly) 

Overlap Sides 3/4" and drill small holes and pop-rivet or use sheet metal screws to fasten two halves together.



Step 6.  Fasten 10" round plywood top on center of top wood donut as shown in picture on left. Use 4 wood screws through the plywood into the wood below.



Step 7. Fasten square base to bottom wood donut by screwing through 3/4" plywood base into bottom wood donut.

Now your unit is assembled and ready to be painted and electrified.  Click to the next page for the rest of the project.

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