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This project is one of the most beautiful yet challenging projects we will present.  This particular house was built by a builder for a home show competition for playhouses.

It won! 

It may not be more difficult to build than a simple playhouse, but it has more detail and trim work which dramatically increases the time and expense. This house follows typical building practices of residential construction such as framed walls with sheathing, covered by siding on the outside and drywall on the inside.  The only thing it is missing is the wall insulation!


Before we go further, let's cover some of the rules for this project:

  • We assume a basic level of framing and construction knowledge.  For instance when we say the roof pitch is 12/12, we need you to know what that means and how to make the cuts for the roof rafters. If you do not and are willing to educate yourself by reading up on those subjects you are unfamiliar with....go on to the next rule.

  • Every item in this playhouse was made by hand...even the front and back doors. The trim is simple 1x4, 1x6, 1x8 except for the gingerbread, and the front porch posts and railings.  You do not need to make the doors as detailed as these, but you will need to make them yourself since there are no exterior doors of this size available to purchase.

  • The exterior detail work....Siding, Window/Door Trim, Porch Posts, Railings, Soffet, Fascia, and Plexiglas Windows, will cost you more than the cost of materials for rest of the playhouse. Also you will spend 2/3 of your time in building this project on finishing the outside.

  • Very Important....This article will not give you exact dimensions for every measurement. We give you the critical lengths, widths and heights, and drawings for unusual framing requirements, but you will have to adjust for  variations in measurements to make your project fit together.

  • You are now ready to build this beautiful structure.


Step 1:  Frame the Floor system for the house following the drawing on the right.

Note: You can use a square corner floor as shown in our project or miter the floor corner to equal the wall angle on the 10' wall as shown at right.

Measure and layout the entire outline of the playhouse including the porch.  The house and the porch are one floor...using the same joists and plywood flooring.

Use 2x8 pressure treated lumber on 16" joist spacing with a single band board around the perimeter.  Install 5/8" (or 3/4") tongue and grooved plywood flooring.  Cut flush with outline of floor at the band board.



Step 2: Measure, cut and frame the walls per the drawings.  Wall height is 7'. Most window opening will fit between 16" stud spacing. Use standard framing techniques, including a double top plate.

Note: Window and door openings do not need jack studs, except 4' window. The spacing for the windows and doors is small enough that the double top plate will carry the load.



Step 3:  Assemble, square up and install  wall sections. Cover with 1/2" OSB (or plywood) sheathing. Cut out window and door openings.  

Step 4: Now we're done the easy part...on to the Roof System.


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