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- Gingerbread Trim -


One of the most striking features of our Victorian playhouse is the lace like trim...which we will affectionately call "gingerbread". A valuable benefit of this article is your ability  to copy the shape of the gingerbread trim so you can duplicate it.

Trim: All gable and roof gingerbread trim is made from 2 identical halves of the trim you see in the pictures.

This technique offers the advantage of always having balanced looking trim no matter what the shape. (It also cuts your drawing work in half).

For the gingerbread on your playhouse, your copies do not need to be exact duplicates of the trim pictured here.  If your style is close, it will look fine.  Because of the mirror image process for making the trim, no matter what it looks like it will be balanced.

The above trim is made from two identical pieces that are 17" high and 17" wide. The finished trim will be 17" high and 34" wide.  It is located at each end of the main roof. Location "F" shown on page 2  (This piece of trim is missing from the picture, but the location is marked) 

Note:  Because our roof pitch is 12/12, all of our gable end gingerbread trim will be as high as it is wide.



The trim piece to the left is used for the top of the porch posts as shown. Reference location "B" pictured on page 2.     Make 8 of them

All gingerbread trim should be made from 1/2" exterior plywood.


The trim piece to the right is for Gable "G" pictured on page 2. (Small Gable)

Fasten the two halves of all gable gingerbread pieces with a small scab of 1/2" plywood on the back at the seam.

Fasten all trim to the back of the fascia board as shown to the right. (on the 1/2" overhang the back of the fascia board has with the soffet).



The photo on left is the small gable detail.



The outline below is the corner window gingerbread trim.  Reference location "A" in photographs.


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