If you have ever owned an overhead pot rack you know how useful they are. You probably wished you'd discovered them sooner! Now you can build this beautiful kitchen feature at very low cost, using simple tools.


This pot rack can be made to any size, to fit any kitchen.  Our example is 36" long by 18" wide. The choice of wood for this project is also up to you.  The dowels used to hang the pots are purchased at a hardware store or home center, and are hardwood. The sides can be made from any wood type you desire.


Step 1. Purchase 5 dowels 3/4" diameter by 36" long, and one 1x6 knot free wood board 36" long.

Step 2. To make the side pieces, Rip 1x6 wood in half, giving you 2- 36" side pieces that are 2-3/4" wide. Sand these side pieces.


Step 3. Cut the dowels in half.  Next, on both side pieces, drill 9 holes,  3/4" size down the centerline. The first hole will be 2 inches from the end.  Then spacing will be 4" center to center of each hole, with 2" left at the other end. You will use 9 dowels that are 18" long.

Step 4. Reference the above drawing to choose your drilling and fastening method. Method "A" is to drill the 3/4" hole through the side piece.  Method "B" is to drill the 3/4" hole 1/2" deep. Insert dowels and secure in place with 1 1/2" brad nailed through edge of side piece into the dowel. The dowel is hardwood so you may need to pre-drill a pilot hole for the brad. (that is smaller than the brad diameter)  After the dowels are secured you finish Method "A" by sanding the outside of the side panels to flush the ends of the dowels with the side panel surface.  Method "B" requires that the two end dowels be drilled completely through as shown in the photo at the top of the page. All dowels must be securely fastened in their holes with brads as described.

Step 5. After assembly and sanding, finish with stain and poly, or paint.

Step 6. Use decorative chain to hang from ceiling.  Decorative chain for ceiling lights works well for this project. Your ceiling height will determine the length of chain needed. Attach chain to edge of side piece, 4" in from each end with hook eye as shown in photograph above. Cut chain into 4 equal pieces and fasten top to ceiling with hook eye screwed into ceiling rafter.

Step 7. Use "S" hooks to hang pots from dowels. You can leave hooks open or bend the top of "S" hook closed to keep it on dowel. You will have 10 hanging locations by placing 2  "S" hooks on every other dowel.  As a finishing touch sit a plant on top of your pot rack!



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