Cracks usually appear when the underlying sheetrock material  moves. This may be due to not being nailed securely, or house settlement.  The repair is the same for all cracks. If you simply fill in the crack, it WILL reappear.   Watch Houdini's magic!

Remove 3 inches of the cracked spackling material to expose the seam between the two pieces of sheetrock, as shown.  Notice the number of nails used by the contractor to install the sheetrock in the  picture. One!


Step 2:

Re-nail the seam. As you can see, itís hard to put to many nails in.  Do not damage the edge of the sheetrock material by sinking the nails too deeply.




Step 3:

Apply a coat of drywall compound and tape with a small spackle knife down the seam and at least 2" wide for the drywall tape to adhere to. Place tape on seam and squeeze the  excess compound from behind the tape by running the knife down the paper tape.

Step 4:

After this is dry, put on second coat and third coat, sanding between each.  

Houdini says "this crack will not reappear!"


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