Wire shelving is the most popular type of closet shelving in homes today.  They have the advantages of easy installation, strength, and low price.  One of their disadvantages is that small objects fall through the cracks. This makes it undesirable for applications such as pantry food storage because bottles and small boxes are not stable.

We have a simple solution.  Purchase one 4x8 ft. sheet of 1/4" luan underlayment plywood from your home center/lumber yard. 

  • Measure the tops of your shelves and cut the plywood 1/4" smaller than the length and width measurements of the shelves to be covered. 

  • Sand the edges to remove splinters and smooth the edge. 

  • Install on top of shelves as shown. 

  • This work also increases the strength of the shelves because it spreads the weight out, so it will hold piles of canned goods.



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