Tired of hearing everyone else's noise?  How about sound proofing part of your home?  Home soundproofing techniques follow these simple rules.

1. Use two sets of disconnected wall studs when framing back to back walls if possible.

2. Use fiberglass insulation bats as sound absorbers.

In a traditional house the wall framing and drywall covering transmit sound from the noisy side through the wall to the other side. This is because the wall studs transfer the sound bouncing off the drywall in one room through the stud to the drywall mounted on the back of the same stud in an adjoining room. This is why simply inserting fiberglass insulation bats will dampen the sound transmission somewhat but not eliminate it.  By having separate studs for each wall this transfer is stopped thus limiting the sound transfer and the noise!

If your walls are already in place, an alternative method is to add acoustic panels under the drywall on one side. Reference the letter "A" in the drawing below.  This is a less effective method of breaking the sound transmission from one side to the other, but this in conjunction with fiberglass bats in the wall cavities is effective.

The pictures below represent the different framing and insulation techniques, as shown from the top.



For further information, the Owens Corning site has an in depth discussion of all insulation issues including sound.







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