A simple building project your child will enjoy participating in. Even young children from 3 years and up will enjoy building and using these old time favorites.

 As with most of our Kids Konstruction projects, we expect a parent to pre-cut the materials and have the child assemble it with adult supervision.


Materials Needed:

  • 2-   2x2x8' 

  • 1-   2x4x 12"

  • 2-   3/8" x 4" Hex Head Bolts

  • 3/8" Dowel piece 4" long

  • Small rubber cups (used to protect floor from table legs)

Note:  It would be nice to simply buy one 2x4x8' and rip it in half, but 2x4 lumber will almost always bow after being cut. 

Step 1.  Select 2x2 lumber with smooth rounded edges if possible. Choose the straightest possible pieces. Pressure treated lumber is acceptable if you cannot locate standard 2x2.  Sand edges and ends.

The steps will be cut from a 12"- 2x4 piece. The  12" piece of 2x4 lumber can be scrap, and it could be cut from a piece larger than 2x4 if necessary.

Step 2: Drill 4 - 1" holes - 1/2" deep starting 12" from one end (this will be the bottom of the stilt) These 4 holes should be 4" apart as shown by letters A-B-C-D in drawing on right.  Drill 4 - 3/8" holes in center of these 1" holes through the 2x2  See detailed drawing below.


NOTE:  If your child is small, you may cut the 2 x 2 down to 7 feet in length.


Step 3. Cut 2x4x12" diagonally in half lengthwise. This will create 2  triangle pieces ( 3 1/2"x 12" ) as shown. Cut 1/2" from tip at pointed end (see drawing on left).

Step 4.  Drill 1" hole, 1/2" deep at location G. Drill a 3/8" hole 2" from top of each step at location E through the center of hole G.

Step 5. Drill a 3/8" hole 1" deep  exactly 8" down from location E. 

Step 6. Cut 2" piece of 3/8" dowel and round edges.  Apply glue and tap in hole

Step 7. Fasten rubber protective cups on bottom of 2 x 2 to act as feet.

Step 8. Test fit step to 2 x 2 upright and adjust drilled holes as necessary for easy assembly. Do not adjust hole for dowel pin (hole location F) as this needs to stay tight. Adjust only drilled holes E so that E and F align and assemble easily.



This design allows for 3 different height adjustments, starting at approximately 14" from the ground.

You are now ready to assemble the project.  The age of the child will determine how high to place the steps. Your child will take greater pleasure and interest in this because they worked on this project rather than simply being handed a new toy.






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