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Step 13:   Time to build the playhouse on top of the platform.  

From here on our project is just an example.  You can have the playhouse portion be anything you desire.  Enclose or partially enclose your structure to suit your family needs.

Our project uses 2x8 corner boards nailed into a right angle as shown. (location "A") These will be 5'6" long, and will sit on top of the plywood floor in the corner as shown. Secure to platform by toe-nailing with 16d nails, then 3" angle brackets.


Step  14: Once all 4 corner boards are secured in place, measure, cut and install 2x8 headers (board "B"). (Temporarily nail in place) Secure each corner using a 3/8" x 4" carriage bolts, with 2 bolts in each end of each header.  Diagonal brace "C" is a 2x4x36" secured with nails in location shown.


Step 15:  The railing will need to have pickets with spacing no greater than 3 1/2" (unlike pictured railing) Make railing 36" high, with a top rail made from a 2x6x8'. 

Step 16: The roof will be framed as a standard hip roof with the 4 corner hip rafters resting on the top of the pole.  You will need to cut a small "birds mouth" cut at the top of these 4 rafters in order for the hip rafters to rest securely on the top of the pole. Down at the "gutter line", every rafter will be miter cut and nailed to the inside of the header (B) that the top of each rafter is flush with the top of header (B).

Note: If you are not familiar with how to make hip rafter cuts, secure a book on framing at the local library or home center.  Subject: Carpentry. (framing techniques or practices)

Step 17: Make a safe ladder for your new playhouse.  Use a 2x4 and dado in a 1 1/2" groove approximately 3/8" deep (at15 degrees off perpendicular angle).  Step spacing is 12".  Use a 2x4 (or 2x6) for step tread.

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