Notes about fencing:

1. Most fence posts can be placed directly in the ground with no concrete, but if digging is difficult you can reduce the depth of the hole by using concrete.

2. Wooden fencing becomes easier with the use of air powered nailguns. If you have a large amount of fencing to erect you might consider renting such equipment.

This style fence is called scalloped and is easier to make than it looks. First place your 4x4 posts every 8 feet.  Next, construct the basic fence support by nailing 3 horizontal 2x4 supports between the fence posts.  The place your vertical boards, at desired spacing leaving at least 8-12" space from the top horizontal support to the top of the vertical boards to allow for the depth of the scallops. 

After the basic fence is erected, use any flexible object that will dip down when held at each end. The fence professionals use a 10ft. piece of steel about 1/8" thick by 1 " wide. They hold it at each post and gravity causes it to dip. You can control how deep it drops by holding this flexible object tighter or looser at each post. If desired purchase a steel bar as described for a reasonable price from a steel products dealer. Mark the scallop and cut.  

The final product looks like a million dollars!

Reverse Scalloped is an option to!