We have many more bookcase designs coming, but this one is easy to build and looks great so we'll start with it!! 

This bookcase can be made full height or half height. It is made from standard lumber yard 2x10 spruce/pine/fir and 1x10 pine shelving. In order to get an acceptable finished product simply hand select the lumber for small to no knots and straight boards. You can build this same bookcase from hardwoods, it just costs more.

This bookcase is 72" tall by 32-36" wide depending on your preference. (32" will give you 3 shelves per 8 board, 36" will give you 4 shelves out of 12 board.) The two side panels are made from one 2x10x12. The shelf spacing is 13" for the bottom shelf and 10" for all others. The bottom shelf is raised 3" from the floor.

Cut the side panels to 72", measure shelf spacing and dado " deep x " wide groove to hold each shelf. The top shelf will extend an additional 3" since it is nailed to the top of the 2x10 sides.

Customize this project to fit your needs or books by changing the number of shelves and/or spacing!  HINT:  measure your books before you start to be sure they fit after allowing for the depth of the shelf!

The back panel is a thin material such as 1/8" Masonite or " plywood. Assemble the shelves in the dado channels and fasten with finishing nails or finish screws. (check our terms and definitions section for a description of finish screws, which I highly recommend) Fasten the back panel on with brads.

Stain and finish as desired.                                                      

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