The simple shelf pictured is perfect for installation high on a bedroom wall for kidís knick-knacks. Anyone with kids knows that if this shelf was lower it would be empty!  It's perfect for dolls, stuffed animals or modelsÖanything you want to show off and keep safe.
The secret to this shelf is itís mounting system. To start make a shelf from a 1x4 or 1x6 pine board with the edge dressed, and then stained or painted. Our shelf has a routed edge.  

Now the secret!  To mount this shelf to the wall use right angle brackets on the top!. The 3 " size brackets will hold just about anything you can put on this shelf. Space the brackets in increments of 16",32",or 48" to match your stud spacing. Two brackets are enough for anything but a very long shelf.  To determine where to place the brackets keep reading!


You can position this shelf exactly where you want it because you move the brackets instead of the shelf to hit the studs.  Determine where you want the shelf, mark the studs on the wall and then position the brackets to hit the studs.  Screw the brackets on to the shelf and then into the wall.  You're done, but we'll warn you....everyone will want one or two in their rooms!!!


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