Why build instead of buy? 

Here are the reasons why you may need to build your trash container instead of purchasing the products to do it.

1.  Your kitchen is not going to be remodeled...in other words your going to have to live with the cabinets you have.

2. The cabinet where you want your trash container is not the right size to fit one of the products available to hold trash cans.

Our project was installed in a narrow 12" cabinet which was too small to allow the door to remain on it's hinges. You can build this same unit with the door in place when the cabinet is wider. 


Step 1.  Purchase  "Center Under Mount Drawer Slide" in 22" length. ( Lowe's Item# 79249 ) Mount slides on bottom of cabinet as shown following directions supplied with drawer slides. Add spacers as needed to fill in the "step down" from the front lip of the cabinet to the bottom of the cabinet. (See picture)



Step 2. Measure width of cabinet opening. Make your trash box at least 1/2" smaller in width than this measurement. Depth will be approximately 16", and height from bottom of cabinet approximately 18". Fasten together with 1 1/2"-2" finish nails.  We used wood shelving material from Lowe's that is 3/4" thick, white plastic coated particle board. The plastic coating makes for easy cleanup, and a finished product as soon as your done assembling it.

Step 3. Follow the instructions on the drawer slides as to separating the pieces for mounting.  Mount the rails to the bottom of the Trash Box being careful to space them the same distance apart as the rails mounted on the cabinet bottom. Push rails together per the instructions and test for smooth operation.

Step 4. Measure and position cabinet door on front of trash box. Mount cabinet door to front of trash box with 1 1/4" wood screws.  Install screws from the inside through the front of the trash box into the thickest part of the cabinet door. Trash bag liner is shown in picture to right...and your ready to go.



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