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Adding On!

Thinking of adding on to your home? 

This section provides an overview of building an addition as well as discusses it’s similarities and differences from other types of construction. Let’s start with suggestions and questions you will need to ask as you design your addition. (Not listed in order of importance.)


Why build an addition? There are as many reasons as there are additions. Most often a home addition is considered because the current home does not fit all your needs. Maybe your family has grown…maybe you have more money than when you bought it…maybe you want a room in your home that is not in your floorplan, or many other reasons. All of these are valid reasons for adding on.

Will I get my money out? On of your main decision points should be is based on the economic aspect. As a general rule do not add an addition because you think it will increase the value of your home directly…ie if you spend $5,000 your house will be worth $5,000 more! However if a bath or kitchen remake is needed to bring your house up to acceptable standards you will realize a greater percentage return and your house may sell quicker!

Justifying an addition can also be based purely on emotional issues, such as "the house would be perfect if it just had a sunroom". You may not recoup all of your investment but the quality of your life will be higher while you live there.

If I add a room will it effect the rest of the house? Another thing to consider when looking at whether to add on is what effect project will have on the other areas of the home. For example, when you add a family room, the room that was being used for this purpose will now be reassigned and that may involve decorating or other changes. Also, rooms directly adjacent to the addition will be effected because there will be changes in doorways and traffic patterns due to the new floorplan. These involve costs that need to considered in your decision whether and where to add-on to the house.


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