Columns have been a favorite decorating touch since Roman times!  They are a simple way to add an impressive touch  to your home while the cost is very low. 

As with most projects, you have choices to make. These choices will be for aesthetic reasons only and will not effect the cost enough to be a factor. For instance, you will need to decide whether to have 10" columns or 8".(the column to the right is 10")   Another question….. how much trim do I include? You can add chair rail plus picture framing as shown, or you can add additional picture framing above the chair rail.

The second choice gives a different look because you also paint that area with the gloss trim paint..

The construction of these columns is simple. Measure the distance between floor and ceiling (length "A"). If you are on carpet you need to cut a square section out of the carpet, or pull up the carpet. Cut two 2x8" to length "A".  Next, rip two 2x6's to 4 1/2" by length "A" to put between these two 2x8's to make the 7 ½" square column.



Top View

Fashion two blocks out of 2x6 material that measure 4 ¼" square. Fasten one to your floor in the exact center of your column position. Fasten the other to the ceiling directly above this block.

HINT:   1. You can use a level and the 2x8 column panel to position this 4 ¼" block directly above the one fastened to the floor. 2. Unless you accidentally have a joist in the ceiling for this block to be fastened to, do the following to fasten it. Mark the 4 ¼ square location with a pencil, and use construction adhesive and two toggle (not molly) bolts to fasten through the ceiling. 3. Let dry overnight.

Assemble the column vertically in place. Nail or screw the 2x8 sides into the 4 ½"sides. 

Next cut and nail drywall to the 4 sides of the column. Install metal corner bead to the 4 corners. (cut the corner bead ½" shorter than ceiling to floor height and use factory end at top…push tight to ceiling)   Next,  apply 3 coats of mud. Sand as needed between coats. 

To complete the project, install trim beginning with the chair rail.  The chair rail should be between 32-36" from the floor.  Install baseboard. Install crown on ceiling. Install picture framing as desired between base and chair rail. Caulk and paint.

The picture framing is made from base cap molding. Always purchase finger jointed or paint grade material for this project.  Time to get started!

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