Tray ceilings are an "easy to add" architectural feature. As the photographs show they can be simple or quite detailed, but the "volume" feel they provide stays the same.

A tray ceiling transforms a plain ceiling into a decorator touch with your signature on it! No two are alike because each is designed for the room it's in.


Tray ceilings in today’s homes are simply a dropped ceiling added around the edge.  This gives the illusion of a raised center section, which breaks up a flat ceiling adding a 3 dimensional effect.

  • Trays work best on ceilings higher than 8’. If you would like to add this distinctive look to your home and you have 8’ ceiling height, just be cautious in which room you place it, and how big it is. 
  • Adding a lower portion to an 8’ height will give you the impression of a 7’4 ceiling. Smaller rooms are better  than large rooms with low ceilings. Dining rooms are a favorite place for this feature. It gives the effect of framing the chandelier that hangs in the center.

Side View of Framing Detail - 3 Different Tray Designs

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