Big holes in hollow walls are often a challenge for homeowners. The fix is surprisingly simple, and very strong. Reference the drawing to the right. 

The "fix" depends on what caused the hole!  If the hole is due to something or someone pushing on the hollow wall thus causing a caved in section, you will need to cut the wallboard back to non-damaged wallboard. If the damaged area crosses over a stud or butts up to a stud, the repair is the same.

After cutting out any damaged drywall that was bent or pushed in, you are ready to proceed. Measure and cut a piece of 1/2" plywood that is 2" bigger in all directions than the hole to be repaired.  Cut this plywood in half.


Fit the first half of the plywood repair panel through the hole and pull tight against the backside of the wallboard.  Screw in 1" or longer drywall screws pulling the panel tight against the wallboard. Place screws every 3 inches around the circumference of the hole as shown. Tighten screws enough to sink the screw head in the drywall, but not so much as to go completely through.  A variable speed drill/driver comes in handy for this job!

Now your wondering how we are going to hold the second plywood repair piece since we can't reach behind and hold it tight against the back of the drywall!  Your punch guy simply starts a drywall screw in the center of the piece of plywood leaving half of it showing. This is his handle to pull on. (Smart huh!)  Insert and screw this panel same as the first.

Cut a replacement drywall piece to fit in the hole and screw to plywood backing. Finish with tape and spackle as with any drywall seam.  This fix is almost as strong as the original drywall, and stronger than any other repair approach.