Most houses settle after they are built.  Things that were "perfect" at move-in time are now "not perfect"  Doors that do not fit as they should can be repaired using some of the secrets of the Pro's.


An interior or exterior door that has a larger gap between the door stop and the door can be caused by two things.

1. Warped Door

2. Skewed Door Jamb (Twisted)

To fix a warped door you need to replace the door.  There is no way to straighten a warped door so don't waste your time trying!!!!

To fix a twisted door jamb adjust the gap between the door and the door stop (in the closed position) by  moving the jamb closer or farther from the door to make it equal at the top and bottom. (in the closed position).


Step 1.  Most often you can fix a skewed door jamb by adjusting one side of the jamb.  First  determine which side of the door jamb needs to move, and in what direction. (closer or further from the door)

Step2. On the side to be adjusted, locate the finish nails in face of jamb that secure it in place. (Look for puttied holes) Drive these nails completely through the jamb with a small nail set and hammer. This frees up the jamb to move in or out (with only caulking holding it for now).

Step 3. Depending on the amount you need to move the jamb, you may need to cut the caulking between the casing and drywall to keep the drywall paper from being pulled loose. Drive the portion of the jamb to be moved with a hammer and block of wood. The picture shows the block of wood on the door stop. If the jamb is still tight and resistant to moving, you can place the block on the outside edge of the jamb at the casing, and drive harder with the hammer.




Step 4.  After jamb is in correct position (check by closing the door and noting the gaps) secure in new location with 2 1/2" - 3" square drive finishing screws. Countersink screws and putty holes. Re-caulk any caulking that broke loose or you needed to cut.

Your door jamb is now back to square!