Houdini's technique for caulking around sinks and counter tops produces better results than 99% of the painters who do it every day! The picture looks like we are pointing to the caulking, but it’s part of our special technique to produce a professional job every time.

For kitchen and bath countertop caulking use only 100% silicone caulk. Use it around sinks as well as where the backsplash meets the counter and the wall. Silicone caulk comes in colors for you to choose the appropriate shade. Do not use clear.

  • Cut an opening on the tube as small as possible…1/16" would be perfect! Cut the tip square, not at an angle like most instructions show. Use a thin wire to break the seal inside the tube.
  • Hold the caulking gun forming a steep angle with the area being caulked. (70-80 degree angle if your definition of 90 degrees is pointing straight at the surface) Progress along putting a small even bead in the corner. Redo any area that did not receive caulk. Now "squeegee" the caulk with you finger by running your finger down the caulked area. (See picture) Wipe off any caulk on your finger if you need to go over it a second time. You should achieve glass smooth results that will look this way for years.

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