Why do they make towel bars in only 24" and 30" lengths, when stud spacing is 16" and 32". This guarantees at least one side will be mounted in a hollow wall! Anyone with kids knows that a hollow wall will not hold a towel bar being pulled on by an 8 year old boy.
We’ve designed a fix for that.  Mount your towel bar following these instructions and it will be so tight that it will bend in half and still not come off the wall!

Cut a 1x4 board 6" longer than your towel bar. Sand the edges or dress with a router. Paint or stain, and mount the towel bar in the center of board with ¾" screws. Locate and mark the stud locations on your wall. Fasten this wooden plate to the wall placing at least 2 screws into studs. Cover the countersunk screws with wood filler, sand and paint to match. In the example pictured we had one screw into the wall stud under the right side towel bar mounting foot, and the other is 16" to the left.

Now even your 28 year old boy can pull towels off without a concern!

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