In-Ground Swimming Pool

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Step 13: Installing the liner is next.  Your pool will probably be backfilled by this step. (unlike these pictures)

When you order the liner you will provide the critical measurements shown on our discussion page, and any other measurements they ask for.  Normally each liner is custom made for each pool after the exact measurements are known.  This allows you to have small variations in your actual layout.



Start at the deep end and pull out the entire liner.  Align the liner by lining up a seam in the vinyl with the appropriate wall panel seam, and start hooking the top of the liner in the grove in the coping.



Pool kits and liner information:

You can find many choices on the internet for your pool kits, filters and vinyl liners.  Here is one:


After the liner is hooked in to the top, kick out wrinkles and tuck into corners as shown.  The boxes used are the box the liner was shipped in.  They aid in tucking the liner into the corners. The liner will look small during this step.  It stretches considerably after water is added.

Notice how the liner spans over the walk out steps opening. This is left this way until you have 8" of water in the shallow end, then screw on the flange and cut the liner out of the step well. 


Open up a small section of the liner at the top and insert shop vacuum as shown.  Vacuum hose should reach to bottom of pool.  Duck tape closed the liner/hose opening. Turn on vacuum and it will pull the liner tighter to the sides of the pool.  Smooth out any wrinkles. Vacuum should run until their is 8" of water in the shallow end.

Start filling pool.  When there is 2" of water in the deep end, smooth any wrinkles, screw on bottom drain collar, and cut out liner from center of drain box. Place top on drain.

Notice in picture at right that your concrete deck will sit on top of the wall and be supported 18" out by the top of the wall braces.

Also notice the location of the extra cement placed under the liner at the bottom of the step unit during the bottom cementing step described on the previous page.

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