Internet Product/Service Packages Listing Options

  270net Web site Packages LISTING includes:
  • Presence in the best and strongest local/regional Internet Community Guide
  • Extensive marketing activities by sponsors and
  • A directory listing that links to your existing or new web site
  • Alphabetical listing below spots held by sponsorships SPONSORSHIP includes:
  • Everything in LISTING PLUS:
  • First-come, first-listed positioning under the business category you choose plus alpha listings under up to five additional categories.
  • Tools to help you make the most from your Internet presence
  • Online Coupons
  • Prize Program
  • Free Help Wanted/Classified Ad section
  • Sponsor interface from which you can manage your sponsorship, add/edit search keywords, add/edit coupons, and more
  • Opportunity to participate in Promotional Partners Program
  • Affordable E-commerce options more...

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 270net Web Site Package includes:

  • Your own domain ( - registration and transfer (if needed) included

  • Professionally designed and customizable web site - up to 10 pages

  • Support-oriented Web Hosting

  • 20 email accounts - 10MB each (, with individual auto-forwarding to specified email accounts)

  • Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus Email Scanning

  • Web-based email capability

  • Contact Us Form with information forwarded to specified email address

  • 270net WebCenter - manage everything from here! more...

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#1 - Listing - $375/year  (plus $100 setup fee) example..
Sponsorship in the Network is an excellent Internet Marketing product, and every business should be included in the Network.  You can use the Listing if you already have a web site or are creating a web site.  Your business listing links directly to your web site.  

#2 - Sponsorship with Web Page - $575/year  (plus $100 setup fee) example.. (222k)
This is an extremely cost-effective solution if you have no other web presence and a single web page can adequately represent your business.  This can also be used in conjunction with a website, as the web page provides another opportunity to make your point, and works well with web search engines.  Includes an sponsorship on your community's portal website with a listing that links to your web page.  Your web page includes a summary of your products and/or services and photos taken on-the-spot by our representative. These pages do not go into detail regarding prices, specific product offerings or other details. The layout and copy for these pages are generated by Also includes up to 2 revisions (not redesigns) per year. Your own domain ( is also available for $16 per year additional. E-commerce Option - add $600/year
Includes full-featured e-commerce/e-inventory capability with online product management, shopping cart, checkout, etc. and automatic inclusion in the

#3 - Sponsorship with Enhanced Web Page - $775/year  (plus $100 setup fee)
Same as #2 above, but includes professionally written copy and additional web page design and layout in consultation with the sponsor. This service adds a special finishing touch to your page and is especially appropriate if this page is the sponsor's only internet presence. Also, additional information regarding the sponsor's prices, specific product offerings and other details are often included on these pages. Your own domain ( is also available for $16 per year additional. E-commerce Option - add $600/year

#4 - 270net Web Site Plus Package - $1,060 for first year, $360/year after    example 1    example 2
Complete, professional web site.  A web site plus an Sponsorship yields a very powerful and effective web presence.  
Search Engine Optimization - add $290 (plus $200/year to maintain search engine optimization) Listing - add $375/year (plus $100 setup fee) Sponsorship (w/Web Page) - add $575/year (plus $100 setup fee)

#5 - 270net Web Site Deluxe Package - $1,650 for first year, $860/year after
Package #4 plus:
 - Web Trends Live Statistics Package
 - Web Maintenance package (12 hours per year used in 1/4-hour increments)
 - Broadcast Email module - send emails to your clients and customers - easy and cost effective
 - Search Engine Optimization - improve your visibility on Google, Yahoo, etc. Listing - add $375/year (plus $100 setup fee) Sponsorship (w/Web Page) - add $575/year (plus $100 setup fee)

#6 - 270net Web Site/Ecommerce Package - $2,450 for first year, $1,460/year after
Package #5 plus:
 - Complete, integrated e-commerce package
 - Online store stays in your site and looks like your site
 - Includes advance features such as inactive products, customer accounts, one-click checkout
 - The most powerful solution for e-commerce solutions. Listing - add $375/year (plus $100 setup fee) Sponsorship (w/Web Page) - add $575/year (plus $100 setup fee)

 Additional Products and Services
  • E-commerce Store Management Packages
  • Technology Assessment
  • Network/Computer Support
  • Advanced Custom Web Sites
  • Photo Tour / Event Sponsorship on the Network

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