Winter, 1999 (to be mailed with the first issue of the Business To Business Handbook, January, 2000)

Webmaster's Corner

Craig Shipp, Webmaster
PO Box 4025
Gaithersburg, MD 20885

Dear Sponsors:

There's a lot of news to share this time. First, our newest guide is now on line. It can also be reached via This guide to the Baltimore area covers the city and county. Now, our network covers the entire Baltimore / Washington area. Within 18 months we'll cover all of Maryland and Virginia.

In the past several weeks we started our radio advertising campaign. We are promoting individual guides as well as the network. Ads are running on several area AM stations including WMAL and WRC Business Radio. The goal of the campaign is to make more local residents aware of these guides to their communities. One big advantage we have in radio advertising is the ability is brand our product. For example, if a resident of Loudoun County hears the website address: often enough they will associate their community with our website. The same goes for our regional brand name No matter where a listener lives they can log onto and find their community instantly. This gives our sponsors - YOU - a lot of value for your investment.

Remember, as we grow and page views on our network go up you enjoy more traffic to your webpage (currently our network is generating more than 2,000,000 hits per month!). All this at no additional cost to you. Remember, your annual rate and your listing location are locked in for 10 years!

This is why I always say "You're our partners!" And, although many of our sponsors are seeing excellent response from their presence in our network, we are just getting started. Just wait a few months while the radio ads start driving more traffic to the sites. This coupled with a growing number of Internet users worldwide makes for a high traffic network. 

Also. I almost forgot. We now offer a new level of sponsorship. It's called "Event Sponsorship". The annual fee is $650. It works like this: An existing sponsor on one of our community guide sites is listed with a link to their page throughout a feature of a community event. For example, a local boat dealer might choose to sponsor the 1999 Annapolis Boat Show Tour on the site. They would be listed on every page of the feature with links to their webpage. This is an excellent way to reach folks interested in boats. A win-win situation. We get paid to add rich content to our site and the sponsor reaches the potential customers they need. Any local events from county fairs to church socials are possible Event Sponsorship candidates. Call (800) 942-7778 for additional details.

By the way, those of you who are reading this letter on-line need to know about the most exciting news of all! The first issue of our Network Business To Business Handbook is being published January, 2000. This is why this Webmaster's Letter is delayed. The letter will be published in the front of the handbook. The handbook will list, by category, all our current sponsors. It will also list any discount they are offering to members of the network. This is an excellent way for our sponsors to meet each other and add to their client base. Best of all there is no additional fee for you to participate in this exciting publication. Look for yours in the mail soon!

My next letter will go out in the Spring of 2000. In the mean time hold onto your hat. We're in for quite a ride!

Craig Shipp, Webmaster

PS: Also, in the Spring, in addition to six new sites, we'll be rolling out our e-commerce option. This will allow sponsors to feature specific items for sale through our network. Keep an eye on for details. 

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